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Social and Environmental Management


Environmental Surveys and Monitoring

As part of the environmental impact assessments and environmental monitoring for construction and operations activities E&A Consultants Inc. focuses on the environmental baseline surveys. These services include the testing of air quality, surface and ground water quality, soil quality, and noise levels. Our expert team will perform in-situ testing and collect samples for laboratory analyses.


Health, Safety and Environmental Services

E&A Consultants Inc. provides health, safety and environmental consultancy services within the construction field. Our team will manage the health, safety and environment on the project site and resolve any cases of non-conformance.
Some major projects which include health, safety and environmental services include:

  • Several Basic Needs Trust Fund Implementing Agency’s Sub-projects

  • Ministry of Education’s Design and Supervision for the Construction of the Faculty of Health Science Building, University of GuyanaDesign and Supervision for the Construction and Rehabilitation of the VIP Section, New and Commercial Buildings at Cheddi Jagan International Airport

  • Lot 1 – Design, Construction and Installation of Abattoir and Other Related Infrastructure in Region 5

Social Services

E&A Consultants Inc. employs professionals who are experienced in proactively identifying and managing the social impacts of activities on local communities, its clients and society. We enhance community participation through community outreach, partnerships with community members, and the development of community-led initiatives. We work in various sectors in industry, energy and infrastructure. With a unique ability to combine business insight with deep sustainability expertise, our team helps companies achieve holistic sustainable solutions.
Some projects where social studies were a major component include:

  • New Demerara River Bridge Project

  • Guyana Water Inc.’s Consultancy Services for the Preparation of Detailed Designs for Water Supply Improvement Works and Feasibility Study of Hope Canal as a Sustainable Potable Water Source

  • The Ministry of Public Works’ East Coast Demerara Public Road Widening and Improvement Project - Better Hope to Belfield Village

Meeting at construction site
Boat tour on Rung Sac Military, Can Gio, Vietnam


The firm conducts flora and fauna surveys, both in the coastal and interior regions of Guyana. Our experts also possess experience in mangrove replantation and monitoring services.

Some major projects which included environmental surveys and monitoring:

  • New Demerara River Bridge Project

  • Reunion Gold’s Oko West Project

  • ExxonMobil Guyana Limited’s Guyana Office Complex Project

  • ExxonMobil Guyana Limited’s Fibre Optic Cable Project

  • Agostini Properties (Guyana) Inc. Annual Noise Assessment Project

  • ExxonMobil Guyana Limited’s Guyana Fibre Optic Enablement Project

Regulatory Services

We also provide regulatory and permitting services for both local and international entities. Our expert team executes permit planning, schedule integration, permit processes, mapping, and agency and client interfaces. 
We are familiar with the various regulatory agencies, including those in the infrastructure, energy, agriculture, marine, and environmental sectors, to ensure compliance with all of Guyana’s laws and regulations.
Some major projects where regulatory services were required included:

  • ExxonMobil Guyana Limited’s Gas to Energy Project

  • ExxonMobil Guyana Limited’s Guyana Fibre Optic Enablement Project: Provision of Environmental and Regulatory Services for the Environmental Management and Social Plan

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